OC 4-H Excels at 2017 KY State Shoot

Oldham County 4-H’ers Excel at State Shoot

The Kentucky 4-H State Shooting Sports Competition was held in Wilmore, KY on September 9 and 10. Fifty-three Oldham County 4-H’ers between the ages of nine and eighteen competed in .22 Pistol, .22 Rifle, Air Pistol, Archery, and Trap/Shotgun. Oldham County 4-H members won a total of forty-four trophies, four jackets, and three top scores.

oc 4h state shoot results


3rd Place Individual (Age 12-14)
Kaitlyn Snyder

1st Place Team (Age 12-14)
Noah Anderson
Kaitlyn Snyder
Audra Spellman
Sydney Wells

1st Place Individual (Age 15-18)
John Clore

3rd Place Individual (Age 15-18)
Shane Bickett

1st Place Team (Age 15-18)
Shane Bickett
John Clore
Dain MacDonald
John Wells


1st Place Individual (Age 15-18)
Cameron Rice

3rd Place Individual (Age 15-18)
John Clore

1st Place Team (Age 15-18)
Shane Bickett
John Clore
Dain MacDonald
Cameron Rice

oc 4-h archery


1st Place Barebow Individual (Age 9-11)
Izzy Perez

2nd Place Barebow Individual (Age 9-11)
Tyler Zahradnicek

3rd Place Barebow Team (Age 9-11)
Sawyer McLean
John Morales
Izzy Perez
Tyler Zahradnicek

3rd Place Barebow Team (Age 15-18)
Sarah Griffin
Brandon Howard
Max Renner
Spencer Wieland

RIFLE .22 Sport

3rd Place Team (Age 9-11)
Sam Magsig
John Morales
Neil Simonson
Laura Worth

3rd Place Individual (Age 12-14)
Cole Powell

1st Place Team (Age 12-14)
Sarah Grace Jackson
Cole Powell
Audra Spellman
Sophia Worth

1st Place Individual (Age 15-18)
Cameron Rice

2nd Place Individual (Age 15-18)
John Clore

3rd Place Individual (Age 15-18)
Dalton Harjes

1st Place Team (Age 15-18)
John Clore
Dalton Harjes
Dain MacDonald
Cameron Rice

Congratulations to all State Shoot participants!

Educational programs of KY Cooperative Extension serve all people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, marital status, genetic information, age, veteran status, or physical or mental disability.

Written by Lauren State, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant. Reviewed by Kelly Woods, Oldham County 4-H Youth Development Agent.


Oldham County 4-H Competes in Summer Events

The following Oldham County 4-H articles printed in the Fall 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Oldham County 4-H’ers Compete

State 4-H Communications Event

The State Communications Event was held on July 9 on the University of Kentucky’s campus in Lexington. Oldham County was well represented by the following 4-H members:

Maggie Anderson’s Junior Foods Demonstration “How to Make Tater Tot Chicken Pie” won a blue ribbon.

Sarah Griffin won a red ribbon for her Senior Arts and Crafts Demonstration “How to Make String Art.”

Kendall Kennedy received a red ribbon for her Junior Arts and Crafts Demonstration titled “How to Make a Fleece Tie Quilt.”

In the 11-year-old division, Sam Ray’s speech “Schools Should Not Require Uniforms” earned a blue ribbon.

oldham county 4-h competition

4-H Fashion Revue Results

On Wednesday, August 2, Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church hosted the 2017 4-H Fashion Revue. This year’s participants included Maggie Anderson, Sarah Griffin, Chris Harris, Emily Harris, and Rachel Harris. Sarah Griffin received the Senior Fashion Magic Champion Award and the Senior Sewing Champion Award. Rachel Harris earned the Junior Fashion Magic Champion Award and the Junior Sewing Champion Award. Great job, Oldham County 4-H’ers!

oldham 4-H horse competition

Ballardsville High Riders Excel at Summer Events

Kentucky 4-H Horse Contest

The Kentucky 4-H Horse Contest was held in Lexington on June 15 and 16. Congratulations to the following members for their accomplishments:

Harper Ash, Peyton Ash, Sydney Cobb, Caroline Olds, and Ella Olds formed the Oldham County 4-H Junior Horse Bowl Team, placing 2nd in the Junior Horse Bowl.

The Junior Hippology Team — comprising Sydney Cobb, Caroline Olds, and Ella Olds — placed 2nd in the Junior Hippology Contest, 1st in the team written exam, 3rd in team stations, and 5th in team judging.

In Junior Original Art, Caroline Olds took 1st place, and Ella Olds placed 3rd.

oldham 4-H horse competition

Kentucky 4-H State Horse Show

From July 2 through 8, the State Fairgrounds in Louisville hosted the Kentucky 4-H State Horse Show. Congratulations to the following Oldham County 4-H’ers for their accomplishments at the state show:

Harper Ash placed 5th in Walk-Trot Cross Rails; 5th in Hunter Under Saddle, Walk-Trot; 6th in Hunter Equitation, Walk-Trot; 6th in Walk-Trot Dressage; and 10th in Showmanship, Age Division I.

Peyton Ash earned 2nd place in Hunter Equitation, Walk-Trot; 4th in Walk-Trot Cross Rails; 4th in Hunter Under Saddle, Walk-Trot; and 5th in Walk-Trot Dressage.

Maya Bourke took 3rd place in 18-inch Cross Rails; 4th in Hunter Equitation, Walk-Trot; and 8th in Hunter Under Saddle, Walk-Trot.

oldham 4-H horse competition

Hunter Fackler received 1st place in Open Invitation Miniature Halter; 1st in Miniature Pleasure Driving, Junior Division; and 2nd in Open Invitation Miniature Pleasure Driving.

Tori Winn won 2nd place in Dressage Training, Level 3; 2nd in Hunt Seat Equitation, Age Division III; 4th in Dressage Equitation, Senior; and 4th in Hunter Under Saddle, Age Division III.

Everyone who participated in the 2017 District and State Horse Shows deserves a big round of applause!

For more information regarding the 4-H horse program, contact the Oldham County Extension Office. To qualify for participation in horse related competitive events, 4-H members must complete equine educational requirements and be registered with the extension office by April 15, 2018.

State 4-H Dog Show

On August 12 and 13, the Kentucky State 4-H Dog Show was held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Congratulations to the seven Oldham County 4-H participants:

Will Barber and Sassy placed 2nd in Novice Showmanship.

oc 4-h dog competition

Rebekah Degnan and Jasper earned 2nd place in Obedience (Sub Novice B), Agility II, and Gambler’s Choice. Rebekah also received 2nd in 4-H Dog Judging (Senior Division).

Beth Huffman and Swanky took 1st in Open Showmanship (Age 17-18).

oc 4-h dog competition

Anna Laverty and Oscar received 3rd in Obedience (Graduate Beginner).

Carrie Olds and Houdie were 1st in Open Showmanship (Age 11-12).

Ella Olds and Tess won 2nd place in Masters Showmanship (Age 13-14). Ella also placed 1st in 4-H Dog Judging (Junior Division).

Audrey Roberts and Glory took 1st place in Novice Showmanship (Age 11-12).

Oldham County 4-H also received the 2017 Michele Reilly Dedication Award. Excellent work, 4-H’ers!

oc 4-h dog competition

Written by Amy Logsdon, Oldham County 4-H Assistant; and Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant.

Oldham County 4-H Dates to Remember

The following Oldham County 4-H articles printed in the Fall 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Fall Oldham County 4-H Dates

District 3 Teen Council Meeting

The District 3 Teen Council Meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday, September 16, at the Carroll County Extension Office. Oldham County 4-H’ers age 14 to 19 are welcome to attend. 4-H members will have fun meeting other teens from the district and participate in a service opportunity.

4-H Awards Night

The 2017 4-H Awards Night is the evening of Tuesday, November 21, hosted by the Leaders of the Pack 4-H Dog Club, at the John Black Community Center. Save the date!

oc 4-h awards banquet

Nominations for 4-H Awards are due by October 16. Club leaders will receive more information about the awards in their club packets. 4-H Awards to be granted during the Awards Banquet will include the Ten Year, 100 Ribbon Club, 250 Ribbon Club, Achievement, Horse Level Books, Club Secretary Book, and the Community Service awards.

The applications for the Oldham County Outstanding 4-H Member Award for junior and senior members are available online.

Shooting Sports Coaches Certification

Are you interested in becoming a 4-H Shooting Sports coach? Plan on attending the certification workshop at the Kentucky Leadership Center in Jabez, Kentucky! Designed to familiarize coaches with National Shooting Sports materials, covered topics include the role of shooting sports in 4-H, productive club meetings, teaching resources, how to teach safety, and information on state competition. A workshop will be held for 4-H coaches seeking their first 4-H Certification on October 6 through 8 at Lake Cumberland 4-H Education Center. For more information about the workshop, please contact the extension office before September 8.

oldham county 4-h shooting sports

Be The Next Emerald Award Winner

The Achievement Program provides the opportunity to receive scholarships to Teen Conference, 4-H Congress, and even college. You can get started in the Achievement Program in sixth grade and continue throughout the rest of your 4-H career. Call today to schedule an individual or club work session to start your Achievement Application. Now is the time get started, Oldham County 4-H!

Learn more about the Achievement Program on our website. All Achievement applications are due to the extension office by October 16.

4-H Club Leader Meeting

Club enrollment packets will be provided to all Oldham County 4-H club leaders at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, at the extension office. If you are a club leader, please plan on attending this extremely important meeting to receive your club enrollment materials. Every club needs to have a representative. If you cannot attend, please send a volunteer from your club. Please do not use enrollments forms used in the past. All enrollment forms for new and returning members are due to the extension office by November 1.

Kentucky Volunteer Forum

The 2018 Kentucky Volunteer Forum will be held February 9 through 11, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington. The theme of the event will be “Rolling Out the Green Carpet for Volunteers.” Contact Kelly Woods, Oldham County 4-H Agent, via (502) 222-9453 or kwoods@uky.edu for information on workshops and registration.

oc 4h volunteers

Registration is due to the extension office by December 1. Nominations for awards to be presented at the forum are due by October 1. Further information will be included in the leader packets at the club leader meeting on September 5.

Written by Amy Logsdon, Oldham County 4-H Assistant; and Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant.

How to Join an Oldham County 4-H Club

The following Oldham County 4-H article printed in the Fall 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Oldham County 4-H Clubs

Oldham County 4-H offers a variety of clubs that explore different project areas. Joining a club is a great way to learn new skills and make friends with others who share your interests. If you are interested in joining one of our current clubs, please contact the leader about joining. Most of our clubs meet once a month.

oc 4h horse club

Ballardsville High Riders 4-H Horse Club
Leader: Jean Jenkins
Contact: Jean via (502) 241-4134

Busy 4-H’ers of Oldham County
Leader: Kim Minor
Contact: Kim via minor_ks@bellsouth.net
First Meeting: September 14 at the Oldham County Extension Office, 6:30 p.m.

Cloverbud 4-H Club
Leaders: Sherry DeCuir and Karen Horton
Contact: Sherry via pharmgirlshe@aol.com

oc 4h cooking club

Delicious Delights 4-H Cooking Club
Leaders: Kim Carter and Annette Kennedy
Contact: Annette via annettekennedy@bellsouth.net
First Meeting: September 18 at the Oldham County Extension Office, 6:30 p.m.

Green Thumbs 4-H Horticulture Club
Leaders: Michael Boice and Kelly Woods
Contact: Michael via (502) 222-9453 or michael.boice@uky.edu

oc 4h dog club

Leaders of the Pack 4-H Dog Club
Leaders: Cindy Guenther and Jackie Olds
Contact: Cindy via woodedfarm@aol.com, or Jackie via knobvalley@yahoo.com
First Meeting: October 5 at the Oldham County Extension Office, 6:30 p.m.

Teen Club of Oldham County
Contact: Kelly Woods via (502) 222-9453 or kwoods@uky.edu
First Meeting: September 11 at the Oldham County Extension Office, 6:00 p.m.

Written by Amy Logsdon, Oldham County 4-H Assistant; and Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant.

2017 Fair Results

The following 4-H Youth Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources, and Family & Consumer Science articles printed in the Fall 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

4-H Fair Results

Congratulations 4-H Fair Winners

4-H members entered 290 projects in the 2017 Oldham County Fair, demonstrating many talents and lots of hard work. We would like to congratulate the following participants whose 58 projects advanced to the State Fair:

Maggie Anderson Kora Birchmier Katherine Carter
+* Sarah Griffin Emily Harris Rachel Harris
* Ryan Hawkins * Beth Huffman +* Ethan Jasinski
Katelynn Jasinski * Lindsay Jasinski Zach Jasinski
* Bailey Johnson +* Riely Johnson Keirstin Kennedy
* Kendall Kennedy * Molly Logsdon * Carrie Olds
* Ella Olds Hannah Santos

Congratulations to the 4-H members who received one or more blue ribbons (denoted by asterisk *) for their awesome work at the Kentucky State Fair. Special congratulations to the Oldham County 4-H’ers whose projects were selected State Fair Class Champion (marked with plus +) in their categories.

oldham county 4h fair

Ag Fair Results

Thank You, County Fair Exhibitors

Thank you to everyone who brought entries to the 2017 Oldham County Fair! The Agriculture Department had a record-setting 157 vegetable and crop entries this year.

The following individuals received blue ribbons in the Youth Division:

Thomas Blackburn Melody Hardin Sarah Hardin
Emma Lane Lauren Potts Porter Salisbury
Casey Smith

oc ag fair winners

The following Oldham Countians earned one or more blue ribbons in the Adult Division:

Alice Ashlock Buck Ashlock Bob Fishback
Ashley Haselton Christy Husband LeAnne Smith

Sarah Hardin was this year’s Youth Division Champion. Bob Fishback was the Adult Division Champion for the second year in a row. Bob Fishback’s herbs won Best in Show in the Adult Division. Lauren Potts’s pumpkin won Best of Show in the Youth Division.

Congratulations to all Agriculture Department exhibitors!

FCS Fair Results

Successful Oldham County Fair Home & Family Arts Exhibit

With great weather, excellent volunteers, and increased entries and participation, the 2017 Oldham County Fair was a grand success. Plan now to enter your culinary, artistic, and/or handwork creations next year!

fcs fair winners

Written by Chris Duncan, Oldham County Family & Consumer Science Agent; Traci Missun, Oldham County Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent; Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant; and Kelly Woods, Oldham County 4-H Agent.

Fall Oldham County Agriculture News

The following Agriculture articles printed in the Fall 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Weed Identification Contest


Congratulations to Barbara Rosenman, winner of last issue’s weed identification contest. Barbara correctly identified Horseweed, also known as Marestail (Conyza canadensis).

Youth Ag Incentives Program

The Youth Ag Incentives Program is a new cost-share opportunity, offered through the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund in partnership with the Oldham County Agriculture Development Council. This cost-share program was designed to benefit Oldham County youth actively engaged in agriculture.

Applicants are required to be enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school, and may also include home school students. Applicants must be at least age nine as of January 1, 2017.

We anticipate that applications for this cost-share program will be available by mid-September. Contact our office via (502) 222-9453 or traci.missun@uky.edu for more information and program guidelines.

Hail Damage to Grain Crops

corn crop storm damage

An August 1st hail storm caused varying degrees of damage to corn, soybeans, and hemp on a farm near Goshen. Some fields sustained heavier damage, with nearly all leaves stripped from plants. Hail also damaged stems, stalks, pods, and ears. Bruising and kernel rupture on corn ears also produced rot inside the shucks, observed above.

We are monitoring these fields through the rest of the growing season to see the full extent of the damage.

Written by Traci Missun, Oldham County Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent. Edited by Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant.

Fun Summer Activities for Teens

Challenge Your Teen’s Brain over Summer Vacation

While many adolescents look forward to summer vacation, it is not uncommon for them to quickly grow bored. Bored teens often turn to television and electronics. With a little encouragement, however, a teen can transform a bored brain into one that is healthy and active, and in turn, create a most memorable summer vacation.

Activities that can keep your teen happy, fit, and healthy include:

  • Spend time as a family. Go on vacation or create “stay-cations” to explore your own community or state.
  • Hold family/neighborhood Olympics. Create a day (or weekend) of fun physical and mental activities that can played on teams. Have contests and medals.
  • Go for a hike, bike ride, or find other ways to be physically active. Explore new trails, terrain, or a nature center. Oldham County parks offer trails, picnic shelters, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, disc golf, and more!

ky tree park

  • Hold a family board game or card night.
  • Plan an outdoor movie night in the backyard.
  • Make food fun. Play “chopped” kitchen or “iron chef,” or put each member of the family in charge of planning a menu and making dinner as a family.
    Find new recipes on the Kentucky Proud website.

  • Volunteer as a family and get involved in the community. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, and humane societies are often looking for help. Community service can provide a teen with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
    Places to volunteer in Oldham County include Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve, the Humane Society of Oldham County, Mission Crestwood, Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, and more.
  • Start a garden. Use it for pizzas, salad, or flowers. Gardens offer both nutritional and psychological benefits.
  • Plan an event. Planning a party such as a back-to-school barbecue can teach a teen planning, budgeting, and organizing.

Written by Amy F. Hosier, Extension Family Life Specialist. Edited by Lauren State, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant.

Reference: Witmer, D. (2017). 6 Types of Fun Summer Activities for Teens. Retrieved online May 18, 2017.

Summer 2017 4-H Events

The following 4-H Youth Development calendar printed in the Summer 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

June 4-H Calendar

2-4 District Horse Show
5 All 4-H Camp Forms Due
5 Teen Conference Orientation
6 Project Day: 2-Point Perspective
8 Project Day: Leaf Printing
8 Extension Council & District Board
9 Project Day: Making An Electromagnet
12 Robotics Club
12-15 Teen Conference
16 Project Day: 4-H Clover Photography
15-16 State Horse Contest
20 Camp Leader Orientation
22 Camper Orientation

July 4-H Calendar

2-8 State Horse Show
4 Office closed for Independence Day
8 State Communications Day
10-12 Kids Cooking Camp
13 4-H Council Meeting
14 Head Lice Checks for Camp
17-21 4-H Camp
27 Fair Project Entry Day

August 4-H Calendar

2 4-H Fashion Revue
1-5 Oldham County Fair
11 State Fair Projects to Office
12-13 State Fair Dog Show
17-27 Kentucky State Fair

Oldham County Dog Show details to be announced.

Enter the 2017 Oldham County Fair

The following 4-H Youth Development and Family & Consumer Science articles printed in the Summer 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

4-H at the County Fair

Oldham County 4-H Fair

Don’t wait until the last minute to finish those 4-H fair projects! The 2017 Oldham County Fair is August 1 through 5. 4-H fair registration forms are due to the office by July 5. Early registration allows staff time to print entry tags for easy distribution on entry day. Projects will need to be delivered to the extension office between 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 27. Projects will be judged July 28, and entries will be transported by 4-H staff and volunteers to the fairgrounds on Monday, July 31. Judging early will enable us to meet the State Fair registration deadline.

oc 4-h county fair

The Oldham County 4-H Fair catalog is now available online at oldham.ca.uky.edu/4h-fair. A printed version of the catalog is also available at the Oldham County Cooperative Extension Office. All 4-H projects will need to be picked up on Sunday, August 6, between noon and 2:00 p.m. at the Oldham County Fairgrounds.

Sign Up Today for the Fashion Revue

The 4-H Fashion Revue promotes skills in construction, selection, and coordination of clothing. 4-H members will have the opportunity to model clothing in the Sewing and Fashion Magic categories. The Sewing category allows 4-H’ers to model clothing they have entered in the 4-H Fair. In Fashion Magic, 4-H members model outfits and accessories they have purchased and assembled.

oc 4-h fair fashion revue

The 2017 Oldham County 4-H Fashion Revue is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 3, at Mount Tabor United Methodist Church in Centerfield. For more information on entering, contact the extension office via (502) 222-9453 or amy.logsdon@uky.edu.

Enter the County Fair

Home & Family Arts Department

The 2017 Oldham County Fair is set for August 1 through 5. Department categories and rules are available at the extension office as well as online at oldham.ca.uky.edu/oldham-county-fair. All Home & Family Arts Department entries will be taken at the Oldham County Cooperative Extension office.

Check in nonperishable entries on Monday, July 24, from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. or Tuesday, July 25, between 9:00 a.m. and noon. Judging follows at 12:30 p.m.

Perishable entries will be accepted between 9:00 a.m. and noon on Monday, July 31.

At 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 26, the Family & Consumer Science Agent will begin arranging entries for display in the Home & Family Arts Building at the Oldham County Fairgrounds.

Entry check out is between noon and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 6, at the Oldham County Fairgrounds.

oc fair

Volunteers are needed to help register entries, assist judges, and arrange displays for the 2017 Oldham County Fair. Contact Chris Duncan via (502) 222-9453 or crivera@uky.edu to volunteer your time.

4-H Summer Programs

The following 4-H Youth Development articles printed in the Summer 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Solar Eclipse Camp

total solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Camp will be August 18-21 at the West Kentucky 4-H Camp in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. A premiere viewing location, the camp sits directly in the path of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!

Ages 9 through 18 are eligible to attend. The $250 camp fee includes all activities, lodging, meals, snacks, t-shirt, and special solar eclipse viewing glasses. Participants experience a space-themed camp with class options that include:

  • Weather
  • Rockets
  • Drones
  • Astronomy
  • Space exploration
  • And more!
  • Special guests from NASA, TV meteorologists, and astronomers are scheduled.

    For more information contact Shane Browning, West Kentucky Camp Director, via (270) 797-8758 or shanebrowning@uky.edu.

    Kentucky Forestry, Entomology, and Wildlife Leadership Program

    Interested in the environment? Want to know more about forests, trees, insects, water, and wildlife? If yes, then the Forestry, Entomology, and Wildlife Leadership Program is for you!

    Students who have completed their sophomore or junior year of high school are eligible to participate. The program will be held from June 4 through 9 at Lake Cumberland Education Center in Jabez, Kentucky. More information is available online at kflp.ca.uky.edu.

    Summer Project Days

    Join 4-H during the summer for Project Days where we build and create interesting, creative projects that can be entered in the fair to win ribbons and premiums! View the Fair Catalog online at oldham.ca.uky.edu/4h-fair or at the extension office during fair season. Registration for fair entries should be submitted to the Oldham County Extension office by July 5.

    Registration information for Summer Project Days is available online: oldham.ca.uky.edu/4h-project-days

    oc 4-h project days

    Discover Two-Point Perspective Drawing! Learn to write your name using two-point perspective, and make a beautiful piece of art that you can enter in the fair and then hang in your room. This class takes place from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6. The supply fee is $5.

    Learn about Kentucky trees in Leaf Printing! Participants will identify 10 leaves and their primary uses, then make a notebook of leaf prints displaying their new knowledge. Leaf Printing is scheduled for Thursday, June 8, between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. with a supply fee of $5.

    Making an Electromagnet will be the subject of the class on Friday, June 9, between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. Learn about electricity using Snap Circuits, then mount your own electromagnet. $10 covers all necessary supplies.

    The last 4-H Project Day of the summer will be from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Friday, June 16. In 4-H Clover Photography, you will express your unique style by designing your own 3D 4-H Clover and photographing it! This class has a $5 supply fee.